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Dr R Chandrasekar - Best Vascular Surgeon

I am a Consultant Vascular Surgeon with 15 years’ experience.

I introduced the one-stop assessment clinic for varicose veins and the minimally-invasive, local anaesthetic management of varicose veins, to the wider population of the South of River Mersey, over 12 years ago. I routinely offer a one-session treatment for even complicated varicose veins.

I served as the Clinical Director for Vascular Surgery for the South Mersey Arterial Centre and the Clinical Lead for Vascular Surgery on the Wirral. I have introduced numerous advances in the field of Vascular Access surgery (surgery for patients with severe kidney failure requiring dialysis) and I am the Lead for this service. I have presented nationally and internationally in this field.

I have outlined methods that, in my personal experience, are effective. I do not adopt new techniques as soon as they are introduced as I have seen some of these new techniques fade away quickly, with patients faring a bit worse off subsequently. However, once there is clear evidence that a technique is effective, I include them in the range of methods that I offer to patients.

I am also a trained Coach and an Appraiser of colleagues.

I enjoy life outside medicine. I have represented my University in Cricket, being a wicket-keeper and an opening batsman. I had to reluctantly accept that my reflexes are not as good as they had been, evidenced by the scars and injuries to the fingers! I have now taken to cycling and have been forced to embrace the MAMIL (Middle Age Men In Lyrca) tag! I am a keen photographer and enjoy manipulating the images in Lightroom. I am also a keen woodworker and hide away in the garage when time permits. All my fingers are intact – so far!

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